Stuffed Octopus DIY: The Perfect Gift!

My goodness, it is a time of birthdays! Last month I shared the dragon birthday party we threw for my 3-year-old son. In addition, I just held a birthday giveaway to celebrate my own birthday. And now to celebrate Ti’s birthday, I’m sharing a gift idea with you as part of Sewing By Ti’s Gifts to Sew Blog Tour.

Before I forget, thank you to all who entered my birthday giveaway! The winner is Pamela White. I’ll be sending a gift card to JoAnn your way shortly!

Gifts to Sew Blog Tour run by Sewing by Ti

I chose to sew up this lovely stuffed octopus found in the Little One-Yard Wonders sewing book by Patricia Hoskins and Rebecca Yaker. In truth, I was looking for a quick sew as I was low on time and procrastinating as usual (I know I’m not the only one!). I’ve been thinking of sewing up a stuffed octopus for some time too, so why not now? Plus it’s just so cute, I couldn’t resist!

Stuffed Octopus DIY by Sewing Blue

You now what’s fun about this little guy? Suction cups! I put minky fabric on the bottom to coordinate with the blue jean material in the body, and there’s little bumps everywhere on it which totally look like the suction cups on octopi.

Stuffed Octopus DIY by Sewing Blue

This octopus also has sturdy tentacles so it can also hold all your small toys safe. Or are they held captive instead?

Stuffed Octopus DIY by Sewing Blue

Yeah, I see you, you sneaky little octopus.

Stuffed Octopus DIY by Sewing Blue

The only problem is this was not as quick of a sew as I would have liked. Ever tried stuffing 8 long, skinny tentacles? It takes time! Thank goodness for Netflix.

This sew was two-fold, as not only is the octopus a great gift idea, but I received the Little One-Yard Wonders book as a gift several years ago (thank you Linda and Blake!). Full of 101 sewing projects, this book is an excellent resource to have if you sew anything for children. I’ve only made a couple of the creations so far but oh are they all so fun! Now that I rediscovered this book I’m hoping to make quite a bit more of them.

Little Yard Wonders Book Cover

In addition to the fun octopus I made, check out some of the other creations you can sew with it!

Now I just need to find a child to gift this to! So what do you say, do you want one?

If you like this octopus, can you do me a favor and share it? Thank you!


This adorable stuffed octopus sewing DIY is a win for boys and girls for sure!

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