Baby One Piece Rash Guard + FREE Crab Cut File

Welcome to my stop on the Boys in Summer Blog Tour! For this tour, I’ve got a swim outfit for my six-month-old son, Mr. L. This little guy gets left out of my sewing creations a lot. Let’s face it, when you have three children the same gender, all the clothes get passed down through each child. Plus, when you have a baby, the baby get lots of clothes as gifts (in addition to the cute things you find and make for him). So let’s see… 3 babies x lots of new clothes for each one = LOTS OF CLOTHES. Not much need to sew for this little guy. But, despite it all, he somehow doesn’t have a swim outfit that fits him! So that brings us to this latest creation: Mr. L’s baby one-piece rash guard!

Baby One Piece Rash Guard + FREE Crab Cut File by Made for Little Gents

Like the crab? I’ve included the crab as a freebie for this post. Keep reading – a download button is available near the end!

When I asked about pattern suggestions for swim outfits for babies on the Sew for Boys Facebook Group, I got a nice collection of options: a romper by Made by Jack’s Mum, swim trunks and the Aloha Sunblocker from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, board shorts by StitchUponaTime… and I could keep going (maybe I’ll do a roundup someday)! But the one that really stood out to me was Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop’s High Tide Surf Suit. This is the one I chose to make Mr. L’s rash guard with.

The High Tide Surf Suit offers four separate views, though those views can be combined in unlimited ways to make whatever type of suit you could want for your baby. I was looking for a one-piece snap crotch with short sleeves, and what do you know! This was the perfect pattern for it. I love that it has a short zipper at the top and the snap crotch. This can also be made as a top if you just need that, or if you’re going girly you can always do ruffles. I really love how customizable the pattern is. You can even choose to have it lined or not (I chose not lined cause less steps that way!)


Baby One Piece Rash Guard + FREE Crab Cut File by Made for Little Gents

The instructions are very well written. There’s even a Youtube video included if you need more guidance on how to install the zipper. I definitely utilized this – no matter how many zippers I install, I forget how to Every. Single. Time. Someday I’ll learn…

Now let’s talk swim fabric for a second. At the time I was needing to make this swimsuit, I could not find any fabrics I liked that would be appropriate for a baby boy, that weren’t board short material, and that weren’t outrageously expensive. I was this close to purchasing one I found at Spoonflower (because ooooh boy they do have some fun ones, but the swim fabrics are a bit out of my price range) but upon checkout I discovered I wouldn’t get it in the time frame I needed.

So you know what I did? I went to my local thrift store and browsed women’s swimsuits instead! I gathered all of the swimsuits that had enough fabric to cover my little boy and then narrowed it down to two options that I could pair together. I also knew I had some HTV I could use with my Cricut Explore 2 at home to personalize it. Thus, this creation was born. I was falling in love with the striped tankini quickly so it was a bit hard to cut it up, but it was all worth it to see this cute little guy in the final masterpiece!

Baby One Piece Rash Guard + FREE Crab Cut File by Made for Little Gents

The only negative thing I have to say about creating this is how ridiculously long it took me. Almost every step I made a silly mistake, like not cutting out the entire pattern piece (by the way, print page 35 even if it doesnt tell you to! You need it for the full zipper pieces!) or sewing the wrong sides together. Since I was using a serger to sew, each mistake cost me at least twice as long to unpick. I think I essentially sewed this three times over because of all the mistakes I was making. Does anyone ever have sewing projects like this? I think I need a little break! It was not going in my favor. So next time I make something, remind me to triple check everything I do before I do it!

Fun fact: Mr. L has Down Syndrome, and kids with DS can develop a lot slower than typical kids. They reach all the same milestones, just a little slower. So Mr. L is 6 months old and isn’t able to sit up on his own yet. But he is mastering rolling over from back to tummy and back again! It’s so fun to see him move around on his own. Having him has definitely been different since my older two kids obviously were quicker at things than Mr. L has been, but I’ve really been appreciating the extra time I’ve been able to enjoy with each milestone he reaches. He is so sweet and peaceful and really the best baby in the world. Sorry moms. I know Im biased, but really. My babys awesome.

Baby One Piece Rash Guard + FREE Crab Cut File by Made for Little Gents

Ready for the free crab file? I actually found a clipart similar to this guy here, but I modified this one slightly to fit around the zipper better, have a smoother smile, and made files to work for both Cricut and Silhouette machines. I’ve got PNG, STUDIO3, and SVG files ready for you as part of my resource library. Access them by pressing the button below.



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Looking for a cute swimsuit idea for a baby boy? Check out this fun pattern for a surf suit/rash guard/swim outfit, plus free cut file for that adorable little crab!

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