Sew Long Summer with a Lego Minifig Pouch + Social Sew GIVEAWAY

Mr. A loves lego minifigures, or as we call them in our house, “lego guys”. Since he was able to start walking, he’s almost always had something small in his hands. I know what you’re thinking – choking hazard Sunni! What were you letting him do? Trust me, I know! It was hard to let this one go, but he’s never stuck anything in his mouth. It’s just his comfort thing, and it makes him happy. At first it was marbles, and then when big brother Mr. R started playing with legos around him, it transitioned to minifigs. To this day, wherever he goes he has a lego guy in his hand. Going to the bathroom? Put it next to the door! Getting in the car? Need to make sure you have your lego guy. Oh, and you couldn’t possibly sit down to eat without having your lego guy right next to you!

Lego Minifig Pouch DIY by Made for Little Gents

With all the lego minifigs getting spread over our house, we needed some sort of organization for them. So when I was asked to test the Half Moon Coin Purse pattern by Apple Green Cottage, I knew it was the perfect answer for our problems! It has also been a great way to say “sew long summer” as part of the Sew Long Summer blog tour. More time is getting spent inside than out with the seasons changing, and as a result the legos are getting brought out more. So I am bringing you the perfect DIY to organize Lego minifigs!

Lego Minifig Pouch DIY by Made for Little Gents

I love using a pattern for a completely different purpose than what it was intended for. Obviously this pattern is for holding money, but I love the dual pockets in this thing, and the half moon shape is just so cute, I couldn’t resist using it here. This pattern comes with a zipper pocket for holding your coins, an open pocket for holding those dollar bills, and a snap to make sure it’s all well contained. For our purposes, we’re using the zipper portion to hold separate lego guy parts and the open pocket for the home of the completed minifigs. There’s even a cute little tag that can be hooked onto a keychain so it stays with you always. Who knows, maybe when my son gets older he’ll want to tack this onto his backpack. 😉

Lego Minifig Pouch DIY by Made for Little Gents


The little lego minifig on the front pocket shows exactly what is inside. He’s so cute and happy and excited to get played with. Mr. A actually asked me for a lego guy just like him, so that may have to happen someday! I made it using my Cricut Explore 2 and some HTV, though if you’re careful you could also recreate it with a craft knife, fabric, and some Heat-n-Bond. You can download the files for the LEGO minifig from my free resource library using the button below:


I forgot to picture it here, but this pouch has an extra special detail: the zipper edges are completely hidden! On the inside of the zipper pocket, the lining is sewn in such a way that you can’t see the edges at all. It’s quite professional looking and the the way that it is sewn up is quite remarkable. It’s like a little special piece of magic that you as the sewist get to cherish.

Lego Minifig Pouch DIY by Made for Little Gents

Be sure to catch this pattern today! It’s on new release sale at 33% off today and tomorrow. Whether you use it for lego guys or coins or something entirely different, it’s sure to please. Thank you Apple Green Cottage for letting me try it out!

Mr. A loves his lego guy pouch. We are currently working on potty training with a sticker chart, and every seven stickers he gets another piece of a lego guy. He currently has a head, body, and pants, and next time he gets a little hat and sword. He’s loved being able to keep an eye on this new lego guy by putting it into his minifig pouch!

Lego Minifig Pouch DIY by Made for Little Gents

So what are you working on sewing to say “Sew Long Summer?” We’d love for you to join in on this Social Sew and have a chance to earn prizes while you’re at it! Sew Long Summer is all about getting those transitional wardrobe pieces ready; finishing up all those things we meant to make this summer; and well, basically whatever Sew Long Summer means to you.

Share what you’ve been making to say “Sew Long Summer” to be entered into our random drawing.

Continental US participants will be entered to win a $20 store credit from Simply by Ti Fabrics.

All other participants will be entered to win a pattern of choice from DG Patterns.

To enter, please tag your sewing project with #SewLongSewcial18 on Instagram or facebook. You can also leave a link in the comments on the mahlicadesigns intro post. Please limit your entries to items you’ve sewn between Sept 10th and Sept 28th 2018. Winners will be notified and announced shortly thereafter.

We can’t wait to see what you’re making.

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