C-3PO: Shiniest Robot of Them All

Happy Halloween! As the 3rd and final installment of this year’s Star Wars Halloween costumes, I bring you C-3PO, the finest, shiniest, brightest robot of them all. (See Chewbacca and BB-8 too!)

As I mentioned in this post, Mr. R loves robots. He wants to build them, read about them, and dress up as them. In fact, we realized just a few years ago we did a variation on this year’s theme where Mr. R was R2-D2 and Mr. A was an Ewok (basically a mini version of Chewie, right?). So obviously, C-3PO was the proper costume choice for this Halloween!

C3P-O DIY Costume by Made for Little Gents

The construction for this costume was the simplest out of all three Star Wars costumes. The entire costume base is made out of this gold knit from Jo-Ann, with the exception of the black knit used for the bodice. I used a couple patterns I had on hand for the body: GYCT’s Bowmont Tee and Ellie and Mac’s Kid’s Joggers. Jo-Ann has these fantastic colorful elastic cords that I cut up and sewed onto the bodice for C-3PO’s wires. The gloves were made by tracing Mr. R’s hand, adding seam allowance and a little extra for wiggle room, and sewing mirrored sides together.

C3P-O DIY Costume by Made for Little Gents

The chest piece and shoe covers are made from white craft foam, spray painted gold. I basically held up pieces of foam to Mr. R, cut where seemed like it would work, then hot glued onto additional pieces until it all fit well. The back has a slit down the middle which attaches with glued on velcro. The front is made from random lids I found around the house, and I added hot glue lines for the chest markings. Finally, the mask was provided again by Jo-Ann.

C3P-O DIY Costume by Made for Little Gents

Now, are you ready for the best part?



Here it is…



Dun dun dun… dun dun dun… dun dun dun… (Star Wars music)



C3P-O DIY Costume by Made for Little Gents

It’s the whole gang all together! My three babies dressed as C-3PO, Chewbacca, and BB-8. Oh I just love that they love my costumes I make them! They are ready than ever to go out and face the Trick-or-Treating world tonight.

C3P-O DIY Costume by Made for Little Gents

In closing, I never realized what a rarity it is now for children to wear homemade costumes, but when I went to Mr. R’s school Halloween parade today, I’d say 90% of the children were wearing store-bought costumes! Really?! What happened to creativity? I just have a completely different view than most people I suppose. I just hope if anything from this little corner of the Internet that you are reading that you are inspired to make something for your own child. It is so much more fun to use a little bit of your creative brain than just using a generic store-bought costume! You’ll never know until you do it. 😀

So go forth, be creative, and may the force be with you!